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35 35  * This makes your extension visible to the XWiki community and thus other contributors may want to join you in participating to the development of your extension (contribute on code, discussions, promotion, etc).
36 36  * You get some tools setup for your project (GitHub repository, Issue tracker, Wiki pages)
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38 += Development Practices =
39 +
40 +In order to simplify participating to any project in ##xwiki-contrib##, the recommended development practices to follow are [[all those found on dev.xwiki.org>>dev:Main.WebHome]](i.e. the same as for the ##xwiki## github organization). This prevents the issue that someone who wants to participate to more than 1 project needs to learn several dev practices; they're all the same. Now, these practices are best practices and the intent is that committers try to follow them as much as they can, in their capacity. Other committers reviewing code should be lenient in their comments and sentences like "You must do xxx" should be avoided and instead sentences like "When you have the time, it would be nice if you could...". OTOH, when a committer joins ##xwiki-contrib##, he/she should understand that these best practices exist (and possibly spend some time reading them), and agree about following them as much as he/she can. Obviously anyone is free to discuss an existing rule and propose changing it or dropping it altogether.
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38 38  = Requesting a project =
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40 40  The contrib project is open for anyone who wish to start a new project. Simply send a post on the [[Forum (dev category)>>https://forum.xwiki.org/c/Dev]] using the ##contrib## tag. Let us know the name and a short description of the project. If your project has already been made available for download on extensions.xwiki.org, please mention it and point us to its page (If it is not, then no need to hurry, you will make it available once it's ready). Finally, let us know which of the tools listed above you need. For GitHub access, you will need to register a user on http://github.com and let us know about it (a best practice is to have a username composed of the first letter of your first name immediately followed by your last name, the whole with no capital letter, for example **jdoe** if your name is John Doe).

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